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T25 on MAN 2842 EngineT25 on Man D2842


T25 on Cat C7
T25 on Cateripillar C7 Engine


T25 Turbine Air Starter | Ideal for Small Marine Engines

Lots of Power in a Small Footprint
At just 121mm (4.75") diameter and less than 275mm (11") long, T25 delivers 21kW, (27hp) @ 6.2 BAR (90psig) on a 12 nozzle package. T25 redefines robust starting and reliability for small space applications.

6-16 Liter (360-960 CID) Engines
12-29 hp (9-22 kW)
90-150 psi (8-10.3 BAR)
27-32.1 lbs (12.2-14.5 kg)

The Integrated T25 makes starter installation fast and easy!

No More Vane Motor Problems
The superior reliability of turbine technology over vane motors has been proven over the last 30 years. T25 eliminates the sticking, swelling, rubbing, and clogged motor problems inherent to vane-type starters. Its rugged steel construction and no plastic parts make it the most reliable small starter on the water.

Ideal for Small Marine Engine Applications
T25 has already made a name for itself as an excellent fit for marine applications on a variety of engines around the world. T25 enables vessels with 6-16 Liter engines to take advantage of TDI’s TurboTwin technology.

Integrated Controls Make Converting to
TurboTwin Technology Easy.  
The design of the T25 even eliminates any potential control or wiring issues at installation by including an integrated control package with the unit. T25 maintains a small footprint and is remarkably easy to install

1 Hose, 2 Wires, 3 Bolts and T25 is Installed!
Users have been amazed at how easy it is to upgrade to TurboTwin. Installation is literally, attaching one hose, connecting two wires, and screwing in three bolts.

TurboTwin Field-Proven Reliability
The TurboTwin brand has the distinction of having the most turbine air starters in the field, and the most turbine air starters operating in the world’s harshest and most demanding environments. There is a reason TurboTwin is the number one choice of system integrators, packagers, and aftermarket end users – “unparalleled starting reliability.” o