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           The Most Reliable Starters on Water

Salt water, wetness, and humidity destroy your engine and it components. Wouldn't it be nice to have one piece of equipment you didn't have to worry about? That's what we thought when we designed TurboTwin™ Turbine Air Starters for marine applications. Our vaneless design has no rubbing vanes to stick, swell, or wear out - salt air, wetness, contaminated air and humidity do not affect the TurboTwin™. Our unique open air path design features extremely large openings allowing contaminants to pass through with every start instead of lodging inside as they do on competitive models.

Contamination - No Problem

Pipe Scale. Salt Water. Corrosion. Other starter manufacturers don't like to talk about these subjects. TurboTwin™ air starters for marine applications are specifically designed to handle them. No starter tolerates contamination as does the TurboTwin™.  

No Fragile or Rotating Plastic Parts

Our starters are all about quality craftmanship and materials. There are no plastic parts in any inertia engaged starters which are most often recommended for Marine applications - We use only rugged steel and aluminum alloy components for parts which rotate or carry load.  TDI units are built to last and last.

An Air Supply That Lasts Longer At Sea Can Be Critical

On the water, there's no place to go if you run out of air. TurboTwin™ offers the most power and torque per unit of air. That's efficiency. That's TurboTwin™ reliability.  

No Lubrication, No Mess

TurboTwins™ are grease-packed for life which means there is no lubrication check or refill and no oily mess from the exhaust of the starter.

On The Water Is No Place For Problems

Your work - even your life - is at risk on the open water. Starter reliability is critical. Why not step up to a starter that delivers more cranks, requires less maintenance and has the design and part quality to last longer than any other starter on the water?

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