TDI Fact Sheet



The Original Turbine Air Starter is Still the Undisputed Leader in Starting Reliabillty

For years vane starters dominated the OEM and replacement after-markets. But while the market was getting comfortable with predictable starter failures, a group of talented engineers with a strong background in reliable aerospace turbine technology introduced a new type of air starter. They called it the TurboTwin Turbine Air Starter and quietly, almost methodically this new way of starting large engines began to change the way people viewed engine starts.

The reliability of the TurboTwin design quickly carved a niche for itself on critical starting applications – especially applications in harsh environments where traditional vane-type starters were prone to frequent failure. In oil & gas, mining, and marine markets, TurboTwin earned a reputation in the after-markets as the starter of choice when reliability was critical. 

Today, TDI is recognized worldwide by every OEM and significant system packager as the leader for highly reliable starting of reciprocating engines. The same spirit that has designed some of the most advanced turbine systems for the aerospace industry continues to drive the development of even more reliable and efficient air starters.