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TDI for Gas Turbine Engines

TDI TurboTwin and TurboStart products are quickly becoming the standard for durability and value for gas turbine engine users.

T100-CS Single Starting Replacement Motor for Dual Vane Motors

T100-CS is a single starting motor upgrade and direct replacement for your original dual motor vane-type and turbine-type Ingersoll-Rand, as well as the helical lobe-type Hilliard starting motor assemblies on Solar Centaur and Taurus engines. The T100-CS features TDI’s successful, field-proven TurboTwin turbine motor design. We have combined this field-proven turbine motor design with the perfect gear ratio to optimize the start cycle sequence on your Centaur and Taurus engines.

Typical Applications for T100-CS
Ideal for remote or "black" start applications
Replacement for dual vane starting motors
Operations desiring to eliminate external lubricators
Compressor Drives, Electrical Power Generation, Industrial Drives, Marine Propulsion

T100-CS Application 2 Images                  One TurboTwin T100-CS will replace two vane starting motors

Environmentally Compliant
In an environment continually defined by government mandated regulation, the issue of fugitive emissions is playing a larger role in the decision process. T100-CS identifies and addresses the specific areas of start gas consumption and start gas lubrication. The T100-CS consumes as little as half the starting gas on a per start basis compared with competitive OE starter assemblies. Combine this with the TurboTwin motor that requires no inlet gas mist lubrication and you can operate a starting package capable of emissions compliance.

Tolerates Contaminates
One reason so many users are switching to the TDI TurboTwin design on their Solar Gas Turbine Engines is the T100-CS’s ability to tolerate inlet gas contaminates. Unlike positive displacement (vane and helical lobe) starters and competitive turbine designs, the TurboTwin consumes and passes dirt, sand and other contaminant matter. Large gas path openings designed into the TurboTwin motor allow these contaminates to pass through the TurboTwin motor without harm – unlike other designs that cannot tolerate contaminates of any kind. Sour gas is no problem. The T100-CS design is capable of operating on field gas as easily as it can pipeline gas. The choice is yours.

Easy Replacement
The T100-CS is comparatively small and light. At 6.1” in diameter, 13” long and weighing 35 pounds, this starter is easily installed and maintained. The T100-CS is designed to bolt directly to the accessory drive housing of your Centaur or Taurus engine. Our design utilizes the existing mounting studs as well as accommodating for existing oil flow and drainage from the accessory drive. Kits are available that utilize existing inlet steel braided flex hoses. It’s an easy bolt together operation. No welding or cutting. Your TDI representative will be able to assess your Centaur or Taurus starting package and provide the right parts for installation.

More Power = Better Starting
Expect more than 25% more horsepower and superior starting torque per unit of gas from the T100-CS. The fast cranking RPM available also promotes faster starting cycles. This equates to less gas consumption and less wear on the starting system. The TurboTwin motor can also be designed to operate on much lower inlet gas pressures for field gas applications and fixed volume applications.