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Reliable Starting for Pacific
Tow Boat Fleet

For Western Tow Boat of Seattle Washington, their business and many Alaskan communities depend on the reliable engine starting of their tow boat fleet.

T30-P Pre-Engaged Turbine Air Starter

The T30-P generates up to 25% more stall torque than other starters in its class. Its highly efficient twin-turbine motor design gives you more cranking power with less air for faster starts. Unlike starters that require a mechanical automatic trip valve (ATV), the T30 uses aerodynamics to control motor speed, giving you total control over the start cycle. 

20 Liter (1200CID) Engines
32-43 hp (24-32 kW)
60-150 psi (4.1-10.3 BAR)
29-32 lbs (13.2-14.5 kg)

At 29 lbs. (13.2 kg) the T30 is lighter and more compact than other starters in its class. 
The Longest Lasting,
T30 low pressure application
T30 in low pressure application

Most Reliable Engine Starter - Here's Why:
The T30 Turbine is designed to thrive in the world\'s dirtiest, messiest environments. Wet or contaminated air has no effect on the T30. There are no rubbing vanes to stick, swell or wear out - which translates into longer lasting, more reliable starting, regardless of conditions. 

No Mess, No Fugitive Emissions
The vaneless design of the T30 is grease-packed for life, therebyeliminating fugitive start exhaust emissions caused by messy, oily exhaust residues. Less mess, less maintenance, and a clean environment for your engine makes sense, doesn't it? 

No Plastic Parts And Half The Moving Parts Yield Quality
Quality has been designed into the T30. We\'ve minimized the moving parts (less than half the number on competitive models). We refused to compromise the design by cutting corners with "plastic parts." The result is a rugged starter made of high-strength steel and aluminum alloys that last longer and delivers significantly more starting cranks than other similar size systems.