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T50-I Cummins Engine

T50-I Inertia-Engaged Turbine Air Starter

T50-I (inertia-engaged) are versatile, mid-size turbine air starters designed for a wide variety of challenging applications like mine haul truck environments, work boats where pipescale and damp salty air have effected starters, or remote oil and gas fields where downtime can costs hundreds of thousands of dollars.

80 Liter (4882 CID) Engines
49 hp (37 kW)
100 psi (6.9 BAR)
45 lbs (20.4 kg)

The Lightest, Most Compact Starters for Diesel Engines
up to 4882 CID (80 Liters)
T50 Turbine Air Starter delivers 40 hp of cranking power for starting medium size gas and diesel engines. These lightweight starters are 5.76 in. (146 mm) in diameter; its size-to-power ratio sets the industry standard. Refinements to the TurboTwin™ design have reduced noise levels below standards previously thought to be unattainable in air starters.  It's easily the quietest starter in its class. Additional design refinements have further reduced the number of contact parts, which will yield even longer life and provide maintenance free operation.

40 hp At Only 45 lbs -- It’s A Powerhouse!  T50 is truly a breakthrough design, delivering unparalleled power for engines up to 70 liters. That's over 25% more torque and power than competitive models per unit volume of air- all in a lightweight, compact package.

freight shipT50-I inertia-engaged turbine air starters bring a new level of starting reliability for mid sized marine engines.