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See Why Hydrolock Happens & How TurboGuard Prevents it

Watch this informative video and provide a new level of safeguard for your engine operation.  (3 min.)

TURBOGUARD Provides Protection for Your Engine Against Hydrolock Damage & Costly Downtime 

Your engine has many built-in safeguards, but protection against hydrolock is not one of them. With TurboGuard there is a new level of protection against the threat of leaking head gaskets, oil from valves, or other obstructions that make their way into a cylinder. TDI’s TurboGuard Smart Starter detects the presence of any type of obstruction in the cylinders during the start sequence and automatically shuts the starting process down before damage occurs – preventing a hyrdolock incident.

TurboGuard Prevents Hydrolock

TurboGuard Smart Start Technology
TurboGuard ’s intelligent control system has extended the normal five-second cycle to 10 seconds using relay valves, solenoids, and precise control of speed and air pressure. As the engine is slowly rotated, the starter system monitors for anomalies in the process indicating a hydrolock condition. If an obstruction is identified, the starter sequence is aborted. If no obstruction is detected, the engine will be brought to normal crank speed utilizing a “soft-start pressure ramp” to minimize impact torque between starter pinion and engine ring gear. In cases where normal start conditions are apparent, TurboGuards feature a recent start” time which allows the protective feature to be by-passed.

TurboGuard is a Safeguard for Your Business
It’s estimated that one hydrolock incident can cost between $50,000-$1 million dollars in downtime and replacement costs.TurboGuard isn’t just a new reliability feature for your start system; it’s a quality process safeguard that minimizes the possibility of a catastrophic loss of engine availability. If assuring and protecting the uptime for your fleets, pumping stations, and operations is a core value, choosing TurboGuard is a no-brainer.

The TurboGuard Start System Fits All Kinds of Engines
Presently, TurboGuard is designed to fit on all large reciprocal engines from 70-300 liters. It fits the same engine market as TDI’s T100-B and T100-V models. It’s more than just a starter, but a complete start system made up of the turbine air starter, the control unit, integrated relay valves, solenoids and other components.