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A Smart Starting Choice for OEMs & Aftermarket Engines

More Than An Air Starter  
TurboStartTwo isn’t just an air starter. It’s an Integral Start System that includes 1) a powerful air motor 2) built-in controls with pre-programmed safeguard logic, 3) a flow-match relay valve, 4) an electric solenoid, 5) an integral muffler, 6) both pilot air control lines/fittings, 7) a simple plug-in interface to your engine control. It even has an emergency manual bypass provision, allowing you to start just on air if need be. On a new engine, it is literally a five-minute installation.

115 Liter (7000 CID) Engines
53 hp (43 kW)
30-150 psi (2-10.3 BAR)
43 lbs (19.5 kg)

Built-In Intelligence to Prevent Starter Damage
TurboStartTwo is a Smart Starter with built-in, pre-programmed control logic for preventing common types of starter damage caused by operators engaging the starter while it is in operation – both after the system has started and during coast-down. Damaged ring gear and pinions are virtually eliminated by this simple operator “lock-out” feature.

Easy Installation on New Engines
Whether you are an OEM or a Packager, installing the TurboStartTwo Start System on a new engine is fast and easy. Simply put on 3 bolts, hook-up 2 wires, and attach one hose and the entire starting system is fully installed – an operation that only takes about five minutes.

An OEM Starting Solution from the Shop Floor to the Aftermarket 
The simplicity of the integral start system means one box, one part number, and one easy installation. TurboStartTwo replaces between 10 and 20 components on a typical OEM start system. That’s 10-20 individual part orders and part numbers. 10-20 shipments to receive, stock, inventory and account for. Add to that minimum re-orders and distributing, supporting, and shipping individual parts in the aftermarket, and the one box simplicity of TurboStartTwo becomes even more valuable.TurboStartTwo on W200

Stop Operator-Caused Starter Damage
Our statistics show that one of the biggest factors in air starter wear is an operator engaging the starter when it is running or coasting down. Damaged pinions and ring gear is expensive. If this problem is prevalent at your operation, TurboStartTwo’s lockout capability is a solution that will stop it once and for all.

A Simple Fix to Complex Control Systems
Some starter control systems operate like clockwork. Some are “touchy” and frequently cause problems. If you are tired of your engine not being available when you need it, pulling out your current system and simplifying with the reliability of an integral start system like TurboStartTwo could be the perfect solution.