The Most Reliable Turbine Air Starters for Marine Applications

Salt water, wetness, and humidity destroy your engine and it components. Wouldn't it be nice to have one piece of equipment you didn't have to worry about? That's what we thought when we designed TurboTwin™ Turbine Air Starters for marine applications.

No Vanes Eliminate Starter Breakdowns on the Water
Our vaneless design has no rubbing vanes to stick, swell, or wear out - salt air, wetness, contaminated air and humidity do not affect the TurboTwin™. Our unique open air path design features extremely large openings allowing contaminants to pass through with every start instead of lodging inside as they do on competitive models.

NEW TurboTwister is the One Air Starter for Your Entire Fleet
TurboTwister’s wide operating range (from 45-150 psig/3.1-10.3 BAR) means that it can be applied across a wider range of engine sizes (15 -160 liters ). Instead of stocking three or four different starter models to cover your engine fleet, now you only need the TurboTwister. Save money. Save time. Standardize your starters with TurboTwister.   Download NewTurboTwisterBrochure Here

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Alaska Communities Rely on TurboTwins Air Starters!