Lightweight TurboTwin Air Starters Are Easier to Install & Improve Reliability in the World's Most Challenging Mining Locations

For mine haul trucks, your needs are simple. Reliable starting. No maintenance. No replacing starters every 6 months.  TDI TurboTwin air starters deliver long, uninterrupted performance.  Simply install them and forget about them.

TDI TurboTwin™ Air Starters are the mining industry's standard for long-lasting reliability.  Ask the mechanics who install them and you'll find that no other starter lasts as long, delivers more starts, and withstands the harshest environments better than TurboTwin™. It's literally the starter you install and forget about. Our grease-packed gears and bearings eliminate oily mess and reduce maintenance. And you won't even have to lubricate the supply air gas as on vane-type starters.

New TurboTwister Air Starters | One Lightweight 40lb Starter Fits All Your Vehicles

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Lightweight Starters Simplify Installation
Our lightest starter for Mine Haul Trucks weighs only 34 lbs. We understand the difficulty of overhead installation and designed our starters to be a one-person job.

No Fragile Rotating Plastic Parts
Our starters are engineered for the long haul, not the discount aisle. There are rotating or load carrying parts made from plastic or lesser-grade materials.   

More Power From TurboTwins™
Expect up to 25% more staring power from TurboTwin™, even in sub-zero weather or sweltering heat.

An Air Supply That Lasts Longer
TurboTwin™ offers the most power and torque per unit of air. On a haul truck with a limited air supply, TurboTwin™ gets your truck started fast….with air to spare.