Air Starters Designed for the High Reliability and Long Cranking Cycles Required from the Oil & Gas Industry

If you're not "making hole" or "on-line" moving gas when you press the start button, you're losing money. Lots of money. That's why selecting a reliable engine starter is so important The TurboTwin™ line of turbine air starters is the recognized leader in dependable starts for the oil and gas industry. They last longer. Require no maintenance. And are designed specifically to handle the unique challenges of remote starts.

New TurboTwister Line of Air Starters Provide Unprecedented Power and Reliability Across a Wide Range of Engine Sizes | Under 40lbs.  Over 50HP.

T7 Callouts Final

The T7 TurboTwister is Compatible with Many Engine Models

TurboTwister Engine Table
Dirty air and sour gas have no effect on TurboTwin™.

Our unique aerodynamic speed control regulates the starting process and protects against gearbox burnout common on other types of starters.

For Extended Crank Cycles
TurboTwin™ starters have a unique aerodynamic speed control, which allows the starters to crank as long as you need.   Don't worry about gearbox burnout. It handles your longest cranking cycles without any problems. 

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Dirt, Sand, Water, Or Salty Air Won't Contaminate TurboTwin™
TurboTwin™ Air Starters were designed specifically for ultimate reliability in the harsh environments of the oil and gas industry. No rubbing parts to stick or swell, and a unique open air path design with extremely large openings passes contaminates that lodge in lesser air starter models.