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Certified Remans Include Warranty & TurboTwin Reliability

Your certified remanufactured TurboTwin is just like a new TurboTwin -- including warranty!


Aftermarket Genuine Parts & Certified Air Starter Remans Are the Only Way to Achieve TurboTwin Reliability & Performance

The compact design, fewer moving parts, pinion gear and mechanical integration of each component are what deliver true TurboTwin performance. So when it’s time to replace a component, please consult your TDI distributor or call the factory and specify ONLY Genuine TurboTwin Parts.  The performance of your starter depends on it.  If it’s worth repairing, it’s worth repairing with the right components – genuine TDI aftermarket parts for turbine air starters.

Air Starter Safety Alert - When imitation parts from unauthorized manufacturers are used there have been serious safety incident reports.  Read more here

Your TDI Distributor is the Only Place to Go for TurboTwin Quality Remans
There are a lot of mechanics who can take one of our starters and fill it with new (or used) components and tell you it’s a TurboTwin Re-Man. The fact is, unless they’re using genuine TDI replacement parts and all the proper tooling and techniques we have developed over the past 32+ years of producing turbine starters, and have been trained and certified to re-construct our starters, what you end up with may be a TurboTwin in body casing only.

TurboTwin starters are an engineered balance of the carefully tested and selected components working together precisely to deliver exacting performance which keeps on going. That’s why if you want your TurboTwin to run like a TurboTwin, contact your authorized TDI distributor.  They’ll get you the cost-effective Re-Man with true TurboTwin performance.