Switching to TurboTwin Means Longer, Repair-Free Life 

Reliable inertia-engaged air starters will make a dramatic difference in the confidence you have in your engine always being available when you need it.

TechTorque Drives Assure Reliability on New
& Remanufactured TurboTwins

TDI TechTorque Inertia Drives Assure 100% Engagement
Tech Torque Drive from TDI is the world’s best performing and most reliable inertia drive. They're more rugged, more resistant to contaminants, and deliver a very narrow bandwidth of torque values.  This means improved reliability for TurboTwin Air Starters, and improved reliability for anyone who chooses TechTorque as an OEM component.

TechTorque drives are now completely manufactured by TDI meaning inventory, parts, lead times, and minimum quantity orders have also been improved, as well our cost to manufacture which allows us to actually charge less for an improved product.

Inertia Engagement vs. Pre-Engagement: An Engineering Shift is Taking Place
Conventional mechanical engineering thinking used to be that pre-engaged engine starting was simply more reliable. Conventional conclusions have now given way to critical engineer thinking and today almost all fire pumps, emergency gen sets, and all engine starting at nuclear power plants require inertia engagement.


Inertia engagement will engage immediately and will engage 100% of the time. It’s all in the mechanics. Fewer moving parts, only one air line, and no delay waiting for the pinion and/or turbine to come to a complete stop before starting. This reliability is also why almost all packagers, system integrators, and knowledgeable aftermarket purchasers have made inertia-engagement their clear choice.