Because Your Engine Has to be Available when You Need it

For Western Tow Boat of Seattle Washington, their business and many Alaskan communities depend on the reliable engine starting of their tow boat fleet.


TurboBoost is an Innovative Solution for Low Exhaust Pressure

Boosting Manifold Air Pressure for Engine Starts and Light Load Operation - Cold starts, light loads, and applications where frequent start-stop cycles occur often do not have enough exhaust to create required pressures within the air manifold for starting the engine. When this happens, the result is expensive downtime and significant damage to the engine or turbo chargers. TurboBoost is the industry’s most reliable air motor for providing, fast, reliable delivery of boost pressure to the air manifold.

TurboBoost is Designed Specifically for Large, Integral Two-Cycle Engines
TurboBoost is the long-overdue solution for the start system of large, two-cycle engines that drive mainline natural gas transmission operations. TurboBoost brings field-proven, state-of-the-art turbine technology to this mission critical operation.TurboBoost is designed specifically to optimize air/gas pressure delivery for large two-cycle engines.

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The Most Reliable Air Motor for Boosting Manifold Air Pressure
Older, vane-style air motors are more prone to sticking, swelling, or other factors that cause failure. TDI TurboTwin is the industry’s number one choice for turbine air starting reliability, especially in harsh environments or applications that are engine-critical. Long life and the international parts and field support of TDI make TurboBoost a significant reliability upgrade for your operation.

Protect Your Turbo Chargers with TurboBoost
Most large, two-cycle engines have more than $600,000 in turbo chargers that rely on hot exhaust gas to produce air manifold pressure. Equipping your start system with TurboBoost protects your turbo chargers and promoteslongevity and overall engine health.

Use Less Air or Gas
TurboBoost not only generates lots of air pressure fast, but it does so using much less air or gas. Unlike vane-style motors that require a significant amount of air pressure to operate, TurboBoost can reduce air requirements from 20- 40%.

No Injection Lubrication or
Oily Mess
Another benefit of switching to TurboBoost is the fact that it does not require injection lubrication. This significantly improves the work environment by eliminating the oily mess and build-up inherent at most gas transmission sites. It also minimizes the potential environmental issues that could lead to fines or even shut down.

Eliminate VOCs, Fugitive Emissions, and Qualify for Environmental Incentives
Gas transmission operations are often a target of environmental regulations and scrutiny. TurboBoost puts your operation on the cutting edge of “green work environments” by completely eliminating VOC discharges and other fugitive emission issues. With TurboBoost, your operation may even qualify for “green” financial incentives like the Star Program and others.

TurboBoost Parts Exceed Spec Requirements
TDI manufactures TurboBoost with parts that exceed required application specifications. Critical components including higher (ABEC) spec turbine bearings, and higher-spec double-lip shaft seals, and nitride treated planetary ring gear demonstrate a commitment to assuring uninterrupted service for your engine.

TDI Simplifies Installation with Turnkey Piping Kit
Upgrading to a TurboBoost turbine technology is easier than you might think. Typical installation (including piping) is only 3-4 hours. Included with theTurboBoost is all the inlet and exhaust flex piping you will need to complete the job.