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The TurboFlow Air Regulator Significantly Impacts Air Consumption & Efficiency

The critical issue in optimizing the engine’s air start system is minimizing the pressure drop to the starter “in a dynamic manner” under high flow conditions. That’s exactly what TDI’s TURBOFLOW does with its high Cv factor.  It makes available more useable air pressure in the tank. This translates to greater air flow delivered to the air starter motor, even at low pressures. The benefits for these efficiency gains include:
     More engine starts on fixed air volume (tank size).
     More powerful starter performance on engines additionally loaded under
       cranking conditions.
     Utilization of smaller air storage tanks, without impacting regulatory

     Maintaining a lower stored air pressure, which reduces air compressor
       wear and costs

Air Efficiency Goes Hand-in-Hand with Savings & Reliability
Most air pressure regulators found in start systems are woefully inadequate. These components are frequently selected based on pipe size and pressure ratings instead of their Cv factor or flow capability. There are four negative consequences for this error: 1) Higher pressure drops/flow losses between tank air pressure and the air starter, 2) reduced starter performance, 3) wasted air capacity, and 4) higher air costs.

Real Component Performance is In the System!
A TDI start system featuring TURBOFLOW air regulators and other TDI accessory components, make these problems a thing of the past by optimizing air delivery – a craft TDI has been perfecting since they pioneered low pressure air starting more than 30 years ago.

Air Efficiency Goes Hand-in-Hand with Savings & Reliability
Start system performance means consistent reliable starts, but it also means having the air required on-hand when the engine has to be available. TURBOFLOW minimizes dynamic airflow loss, which eliminates wasted air. This improves reliability by assuring the perfect amount of air is delivered to the starter every time.

Air Storage Costs Money – More Space Costs More
TURBOFLOW Air Regulators allow for smaller air tanks to be used, enabling space savings on marine vessels, generation sets, or other tight space applications. Lower stored air pressures reduce wear-and-tear on compressors, which means longer uninterrupted service, which not only saves money, but improves system reliability too.


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No one knows more about air starting and how to optimize the efficiency and reliability of your engine's air system than TDI.  Our application specialists can help you improve reliability and get more starts per fixed volume of air.  Below are just a few examples of TDI air system solutions from the field:

A marine workboat fleet operator attained ABS & GL compliance by improving engine-starting performance from only five main engine starts, to eight starts using TDI air components.

A gas turbine power generator set attained light-off speed faster and with air to spare for additional start cycles using TDI air components.

A facility operator reduced annual air compressor maintenance & replacement costs -- simply by reducing stored starting air pressure settings from 195 psig to 150 psig using TDI air components.

A “black-start” emergency generator set provider was able to attain NFPA110 compliance at a hospital site using TDI air components.

A fire pump met NFPA regulations, while reducing package air storage footprint by 25%, saving valuable “platform real estate” using TDI air components.

The TURBOFLOW Regulator is a direct replacement for the previous TDI Regulator.  If flexible tubing is used, replacement will be seamless. If hard piping is used in current installation, there will be some minor new piping required. The Table above shows you the new regulator replacement model numbers.