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See An Integrated Smart Starter System from TDI!

This amazing SMART STARTER from TDI eliminates re-engagement of the starter during coast down which prevents significant engine repair and downtime.

TurboValve Plus Relay Valve

The TurboValve Plus is a completely integrated relay valve with solenoid that dramatically streamlines the installation process of TurboTwin Air Starters.   Unlike traditional valves where component line-up and orientation issues are a real problem, the indexed mounting of TurboValve Plus assures a clean, consistent placement every time – without tightening or over-tightening of the valve.  Simply bolt it on the starter, attach the solenoid wires, connect the two air lines and it’s done.

turbovalve plus cutaway calloutsA typical TurboValve Plus starting system will eliminate as many as 50 individual components. Add to that the elimination of product sourcing, procurement, inventory of parts, staging and assembly and TurboValve Plus is clearly the most economical solution for starter installation. It lets you spend less time plumbing the starter and more time getting engines out the door.

TurboValve Plus can be used as a starting air valve or a relay control valve.  Its indexable, bolted joint mounting is solid eliminating vibrations and providing added protection against thread-wear or having components shake loose.   

It’s a ready-to-go component that improves the productivity of your operation and the reliability of your starter package.

Features and Specifications

Eliminates many hours of labor
Nickel-plated aluminum body
450 psig (31 BAR) maximum rating for pneumatic versions
150 psig (10.3 BAR) maximum rating for electro-pneumatic versions
High flow capacity CV factor: 40
Replaceable O-rings (Viton)
Compressed air only on electrically controlled version
1-1/4” or 1-1/2” NPT pipe sizes or J518 code 61 size inlet
-20 to 200 F (-29 to 93 C) operating temperature
Lightweight, only 8.5 lbs (3.86 kg)Solenoid voltages include 12VDC, 24VDC, 110 VAC, 120VA
(Optional Explosion proof solenoid available)