TDI Valves & Accessories Improve Start System Performance & Reliabiity

TDI offers a wide variety of valves, fittings and accessories to help maximize the efficiency of your TurboTwin and TurboStart Air Starters.  Featured here are some of the more popular items.  For specific order numbers or additional accessory needs, contact your local distributor.

Control Valves
TDI offers both a manual pushbutton and DC solenoid version of its popular control valve for pilot valve operation of the TDI TurboValves.

TurboValve & TurboValve Plus Relay Valves
These versatile starting relay valves streamline installation of TurboTwin Air Starters and offer unparalleled relay control.  Click links for more information on these products.

Air Strainers
This is an ideal attachment that helps assure long starter life by pre-filtering air or gas that is contaminated, especially at package start-up. TDI recommends 40 mesh strainers for best reliability of your TDI TurboTwin starters.

T30 Exhaust Fittings
Optional Muffler (2"NPT) and an array of exhaust fittings help manage air discharge on the T30 Series Air Starters. Many  applications utilize either 2" NPT elbow or straight fittings or standard exhaust screen.  TDI has many options to suit your application requirements.  

T100 Exhaust Elbows
These elbows direct the air exhaust of the starters and allow significant orientation flexibility for the application.  Available in both threaded and flanged versions including ANSI type.

Other Exhaust Fittings
Available in 2", 3” and 4” NPT with straight or 90 degree elbows, exhaust deflectors, mufflers, and ANSI flanges are available for some models.  Consult your nearest TDI Distributor for additional information.